Laura Kuusk lives and works in Tallinn. She has studied at Annecy Higher Art School (DSRA, 2014), Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in photography, 2008) and Tartu University (BA in semiotics and cultural theory, 2005). She has done exchange studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III University (2003). Kuusk works as an assistant professor in Estonian Academy of Arts since 2015.

Kuusk mainly uses photography, video and installation mediums in her work. Most of her works are connected to recycling anthropological visual (found) materials. Her latest works address the identity construction and its’ links to visual intertextual materials.

Laura Kuusk's works are part of different collections (CAME – Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia; S. B. du Veyrier’ private collection in France; different private collections in Estonia and France).
Kuusk is the lauréat of Édouard Barbe’i price on 2014. She has participated at different artist residencies such as Summerlake (Annecy 2011.a.); Hard Work Residency (2009), Veranda (St. Martin d’Hères 2010.a.), Young European Artists’ Residency (Montrouge, 2008) and has created an artist residency Résidence du Coup (with Camille Laurelli, 2009-2011).
Kuusk is the initiator and curator of Loop art center (2009-2014). She is a member of the art collective OUI (2009-2015) and a member of several professional unions (Association AAA, Union of Estonian Photography Artists and Estonian Artists Union).

Amongst her latest exhibitions are "Dear Algoritm," at Tallinn Art Hall gallery (2020, curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk), "People Like You" at Pärnu City gallery (2019), "New Chic" at Riga Photomonth (2018, curated by Arnis Balcus), “Image Drain” at Tallinn Art Hall (2017, curated by Anthea Buys) and “Flatland” at Positiiv Gallery (2016). She has initiated an ongoing series of events – Silent Sessions – together with Camille Laurelli.
Her videography includes a one-channel video Dear Algoritm, (2020), a multi-channel installation Credo (2006), Almost Films I-IV (2010-2012), 360-degree spherical video Cover (2017) and 360-degree spherical video Social Body (2018).

"Kuusk’s works can be described as studies of standardisation, rationality and justification. Very often her viewer is confronted by the unexplainable, something intense off-screen. In Kuusk’s videos and photographs the material addresses something/someone the viewer is unable to. Kuusk seems to enjoy playing with cinematic “grammar'” both directed by or rejected by a lens.
Art writer Martin Rünk has written that Kuusk focuses on the gaze, the (power) relationships between viewer and image, and various means of producing narratives.
Kuusk structures the narratives in her works methodologically, offering stimulating combinations of suspense, intuition and caution. In these compositions the viewer equally encounters naivety, sophistically ignoring, or maybe forgetting, functionality in order to allow different side-effects to become apparent. Recently, Kuusk has also started investigating a situation she herself calls “copy-paste culture” – an everyday reality we are all part of and where we constantly copy ideas and influences, hence producing more uniformity. Contemporary person is achingly longing for new “sameness” to surrender to its normalising force." (Laura Toots)