* Media coverage of "Dear Algorithm," solo show at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery:
1) Reportage on Estonian National Broadcast, 19.02.2020
2) Interview at Delta culture show, Klassikaraadio, Estonian National Broadcast, 20.02.2020

* The media coverage of Art Museum of Estonia 100. Open Collections: The Artist Takes the Floor curated by Eha Komissarov at Kumu art museum, 5.07-10.11.2019:
1) Hanna-Liisa Kont at Esti Päevaleht 8.10.2019
2) Juhan Raud at Postimees 9.10.2019
3) Kumu education program video with Darja Andrejeva

* Laura Kuusk's photo work for Estonian Magazine of Architecture MAJA spring issue 2019 (96)

* Sandra Jõgeva's article "Eile, täna, tulevik", an article about Pärnu Fotofest and my personal show in the program of it. Sirp. 8.02.2019

Reception of the group show "Objects of Attention" curated by Francisco Martinez at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design:
1) Estonian National Broadcast reportage from the show 11.01.2019 (curator Francisco Martinez and participating artist Laura Kuusk)
2) Kerttu Palginõmm's article "The Emotional and Political Potential of Objects of Affect", Sirp 25.01.2019

* Laura Lehmann's article Surrealistisches Pop-up-Buch von Laura Kuusk at German magazine PAGE, 23.11.2018.

* Lucy Bourton "Artist Laura Kuusk creates a pop-up book using Google image search", published on It's Nice That, 25.10.2018

* Arnis Balcus "FK asks – What’s your best & worst exhibition experience?", FK magazine, 13.09.2018, article available HERE.

* Brigita Reinert "Tallinn Photomonth. An Afterimage" on echogonewrong.org 4.11.2017

* Pascale Riou "Faire art ensemble : affinités électives et communautés temporaires" , Déméter, an online revue of contemporary art studies, Université Lille 3, article available HERE.

* Piret Kooli "Kuulamine on kunst omaette", an article about the listening sessions "100 Soundscapes at the Studio 335", Postimees, 2.07.2017

* andreas w and Līga Lindenbauma, andreas w teksts par Lauras Kūskas fotogrāfiju sēriju “Vēstule” un “Svece”, arterritory.com, 23.09.2014, on the works Candle and Letter at Artishok Biennale 2014

* Vappu Thurlow, Armastus ja väike inimene, Sirp, 28.08.14, on the group exhibition Homunculus Collection curated by Stacey Koosel

Martin Rünk, Argise diskreetne vôlu, Sirp, 31.10.2013, on the solo exhibition Fields of Possibilities in Hobusepea gallery, 2013

* Estonian National Television (ERR) news, culture announcements, 16.10.2013 (from 20:54 a reportage about the show Fields of Possibilities at Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn)

The same article in written: Hobusepea galeriis saab näha Laura Kuuse uut näitust, Editor: Silver Kuusik |Published: 16.10.2013 20:23

* Artist talk. Laura Kuusk with Martin Rünk. Held in Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn on the 19th of October 2013, at the exhibition Fields of Possibilities.

Indrek Grigor. Critic in Psychoanalysis. Laura Kuusk's Field of possibilities. Artishok 21.10.2013

* Kadri Veermäe, Olevikuhetke rehabiliteerimine, Sirp 17.10.2013 (on the exhibition Shadows of a Doubt in Tallinn Art Hall, curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk)

Martin Rünk, Kasutu vaatleja kirjad, Sirp, 7.03.2013

* Catalogue of group exhibition Romeo and Julia, Lugemik editing house, 2013

* Indrek Grigor's Kunstiministeerium, interview in Klassikaraadio - 11.03.2013 Ready-made'i ja teiste kontseptuaalsete žestide tähenduslik moondumine. Intervjuud Laura Kuuse ja Margit Sädega.

* Interview for Delta culture news about Loop - in Klassikaraadio -28.02.2013

* chapters on LoopDoings or NotRésidence Cabinet and Almost in SEARCH TERMS: BASSE DEF. B42-31. 2012. ISBN 978-2-917855-30-0

* Martin Rünk's text Laura Kuusk: Mediated views, Web archive of Center for Contemporary Art of Estonia: ESTENG

* Daria Atlas on Laura Kuusk in the Angry Birds exhibition catalogue. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. 2012

More information HERE

* Press release by Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni and Elise Carron, Rear Window, intervention in Hotel 763, 2012

* Indrek Grigor's CURATOR'S DIARY in The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt on Loop,
a version in Estonian here on Artishok.

* Martin Rünk on the exhibition Soon by Laura Kuusk & Anna-Stina Treumund in Tallinn City Gallery and on Doings or Not:Estonian version in Hobusepea gallery 2009 in Sirp 6.02.2008

Mémoires oubliées. Cheese 26/07. Laura Kuusk

* Laura Kuusk. People, art and the human environment. Estonian Art 1/2009

* Margit Säde & Laura Kuusk. What can an artist do? What can an artist not do? on Doings or Not. Estonian version exhibition in Tallinn. Estonian Art 1-2/2008

Margit Säde & Laura Kuusk on Doings or Not on Artishok 2008

* Catalogue of Best & Practices in Stocholm Mejan gallery and Sugarcube gallery October-November 2011