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360-degrees VR video loop

Concept and direction: Laura Kuusk
Coreographer: Kaja Kann
Dancers: Kaja Kann, Kädi Metsoja and Lars Schmidt
Camera and technical editing: Sander Somma, MEDIT (Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture)
Thanks to: Hetti Lump, Ehituse ABC, Katri Auser, Jekaterina Salamatova, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonian Cultural Endowment

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The 360-degrees video work is a choreographical journey to the distance between the bodies and the environment, the spectator and the image, the idea of a genuine self and the reality of loans and citations in global standards of desires.
Dancers usetheir bodies to inhabit the sites of (de)construction, the places that facilitate important processes of (self) construction: an exhibition hall, a construction shop and an apartment on sale.
The gestures - borrowed, stolen and cited - are the building blocks of our everyday. These gestures form an environment of movements in which choices are made - choice between coffee and tea, choosing a wallpaper, choosing to travel or stay, work or study - if there is the luxury to make such choices. Is this the real thing? Stand by me. Let it go.
The video can be seen by one spectator at the time (at Kunstihoone, there will be one headset). The spectator(s) become dancers/actors of the choreography when turning their head and looking around- seen by other spectators of the exhibition.
Therefore the situation of watching the video becomes itself a process of seeing a choreography of watching.
The virtual reality is supposed to bring the image more close to reality. For the video image, it is not the case yet - the available technology does not allow to zoom into the image when moving head forward etc. So the image wraps the spectator like a wall(paper) environment all around. J-L. Godard is still right- this is not a just image, this is just an image.
Reminding a music video with the sound turned off, the most important part is missing here. There is a lot of information from undefined sources. The video is a pop-up environment that invites the spectator to come in, to be the voyeur for a few minutes.

An extract of the video*:
*This is a 360° spherical video. To view it, please use Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and Opera browsers latest versions