Duration variable
2017- ongoing

Silent Sessions was created in 2017 by Laura Kuusk and Camille Laurelli in the frames of Estonia 100 art program. At ARS art factory's studio 335, the listening sessions have been held where the participants can walk around in radius of 200 m thanks to wireless headphones. Choosing between 2-3 channels, the content of the listening session is a curated thematic eclectic playlist around a given theme. The themes are connected to the current interests of the artists or give a certain context to an environment and to actual topics in society. Occasionally guest artists are invited to propose a channel for listening, either as a live DJ or as a pre-prepared set of sounds. The sound material proposed for listening car include anything auditive that seems relevant to the author of the list. Noise, polyphonic singing, birds, interviews etc. can be part of the material proposed for listening.
The event is motivated by the wish to bring the participants to a performative and engaging voyage, giving as an input the environment and the sounds coming from the headphones, and letting them choose the visual input and way of acting in given space, limited by the waves capturing area of 200 m.
Depending on session, a pre-prepared playlist or live-mixing has taken place. The events have been more or less predictable, more or less reminding a simulation of a collective consciousness, more or less contemplative or active.
A studio visit, a temporary city rave, a moving radio channel, a meditative trip – this is Silent Session, and something more that will be revealed only to those who participate.